Will Churchill

I am passionate about social enterprise, and a strong believer that it can provide an adaptable and sustainable solution to many of the problems our society faces today - both locally and globally. This is a passion that I have followed in both my career and in my own time.

I recently co-founded my own venture, UniHack, which is an organisation aiming to develop sustainable solutions to local needs by bringing together students, corporates, and community interest organisations through hackathons. I am an active member of the Enactus UK Alumni, and currently use my experience (both from University as an Enactus student, and professionally) to mentor a number of Enactus teams across the UK. In this role I have been very fortunate to win a number of awards for my services, including the 2013 Enactus UK Alumni of the Year award, and an award in 2014 for 'Best Training Session'.

Previously, I worked as the Social Enterprise Manager for the national charity Student Hubs. Whilst there I oversaw the development of their social enterprise programme, and supported students and staff in its delivery. In addition to this, I was also responsible for creating and curating training for project incubation, and developing an in-house accelerator programme for student led projects.

Aside from my experience in training, mentoring, and programme delivery, I also code. My most recent project is an EdTech platform designed to upskill young people, and connect them with gainful employment. In addition to this, I have also created a bespoke CRM tool to track and measure the impact of the Enactus UK Alumni. I am proficient mainly in server-side languages, specifically MySQL and PHP. However, I also have experience working with Javascript, XML, and CSS, among other languages.

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I take an interest in a number of subjects, including enterprise, politics, mental health, and technology. Some of my writing can be found on Medium, including:

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I have also written for other blogs and publications, including:

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While I take an interest in a wide range of web-based languages, my main skills are in backend development and database driven platforms.

As a member of the Enactus UK Alumni, I pioneered a unique impact measurement tool to track the impact of mentoring on the Enactus UK programme. This ground-up solution was a multi-year volunteer project, starting out as a PHP/MySQL backend, and evolving to incorproate elements of statistical analysis, word recognition, and predicitions on the future needs of the programme.

As the CTO of UniHack, in adition to the company website, I am also developing our online educational platform. The site will act as a way of upskilling students in specific areas, and features a number of impact measurement, tracking and scoring, and content personalisation elements.