Like many people, I’ve often been snide on Twitter - directly replying to individuals in the public eye with sarcastic comments, trolling, or - when I’m feeling particularly erudite - something half-way resembling a point.

It always makes me feel better, for about 5 minutes. But then the reality sinks in. My reply is one of thousands that gets swallowed into the ephemeral mess that is social media. At best, half a dozen people chuckle under their breath and then get on with their day. But really, nothing happens as a result.

So instead, I thought I’d try something else. For every sarcastic tweet I want to write, instead I’m going to put my thoughts into a letter to the intended recipient. For me, it’s an extension of why I write publicly - a way of thinking through a position and determining what I think.

Who knows, maybe they might even read it?

[mha] Open letter to Matt Hancock (Oct 28, 2020)

A few weeks ago I had what you might call a 'mental health episode'. Getting help for it has not been an easy journey...